Order of Battle – Coming June 2019

Samuel Culper | May 15, 2019

Order of Battle – Coming June 2019

Is America headed for war? That’s kind of a trick question because the answer is almost always ‘yes.’ The United States is trudging through its own domestic quagmire, that’s probably going to get a lot worse before it gets any better… But there’s still a lot brewing beyond our borders. There are regional powers who want to become global powers and eventually challenge the United States, which may mean a military challenge. Thucydides, the Greek historian who wrote about the Peloppennesian War wrote about the inevtitable conflict between Athens and Sparta. He’s the namesake of a concept today called the Thucydides Trap, that finds that 70% of the time a revisionist power — like China — challenges a status quo power — the United States — war is the result. And we have lots of people sounding alarms, from former intelligence officials, to current and retired generals, to politicians warning us that if we’re not careful we’re going to find ourselves in another war. I invite you to follow along with me, Samuel Culper and the co-host and guests of this Order of Battle Podcast, as we look at the rising likelihood of war, the developments, the places, the players, and the potential results. We’ll get started in June 2019.

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